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(+30) 69442 58481
(+30) 26610 94563

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(+30) 26610 80260

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Booking Reservation Form

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Booking Reservation Form

Booking conditions

When you have made your choice, please contact us.We will immediately check availability of the accommodation you are interested in. After receipt of our written confirmation which is to be considered as firm and binding reservation, please return the signed reservation form and transfer the agreed deposit of 25% for the apartments and studios and 40% for the villas with pool to our bank account.
Cancellations can be made at any time before the booking commencement.
Written notice is recommended.
It is important that notice of cancellation is given to CORFU-VILLAS-APTS.COM or C-GVTRAVEL.

A travel insurance is in any case high recommended!!!

In case of cancellation or no show without previous notice (due to missing travel documents, missed connections etc.) the following cancellation fees apply:

Until 60 days prior to arrival...20% of the total amount of the booking!
59 to 35 days prior to arrival...30% of the total amount of the booking!
34 to 15 days prior to arrival...45% of the total amount of the booking!
14 to 7 days prior to arrival...65% of the total amount of the booking!
as from 6th day prior to arrival...80% of the total amount of the booking!

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